Non-Profit, Government and School Accounts and Services

As a Community Bank we have special accounts designed to meet the needs of non-profit organizations as well as public entities.


  Non-Profit Checking Government & School Accounts
Requirements $50.00 to Open $50.00 to Open
Monthly Statement Fee $0 Maintenance Fee or
Check Images w/ Statement $7.00
$0 Maintenance Fee or
Check Images w/ Statement $7.00
Interest No No
Bounce Protection No No
Debit/ATM Yes Yes
Check Safekeeping Yes Yes
Check Limit No No

Electronic Services

E-Funds for Schools Service

This unique program is specifically designed to help schools collect payments electronically for all school functions. To sign up for the E-Funds for Schools Service, parents simply provide the school their credit card information or "voided" personal check. From that point on, any payment for a school function can be electronically debited from their account, eliminating the need for cash or checks sent to school. We also include our "Parent Initiated Payment" service. This service allows parents to log in to the program using the school's own website and be linked to E-Funds for Schools, providing easy access from home, work, or anywhere. There is no charge to the school for this service. A small one-time fee is paid by the parent.

Electronic Donation Service

Our Electronic Donation Service has several contribution options available:

Pre-Authorized – allows donation to be generated by the receiving organization. With this service the contributor gives permission, in writing, to the receiving organization to withdraw their donation from their checking, savings or credit card account.

Donor Initiated – provides the contributor access to the Electronic Donation Service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Donors can make a donation whenever they want and for any amount.

The re-occurring donation options is available for both the Pre-Authorized and Donor Initiated services, and can be set to repeat the contributor's donation for any time frame designated.